Having been a smoker for over 30 years I think i'm somewhat of an expert in the field and I'm not sure that is a good thing. I smoked ever since I had my first job at a bowling alley where I could get cigarettes behind the counter for free. From there I went to boot camp in the Marine Corps and you could even smoke there. So there was never really a place that I encountered that you could not smoke. Even a few of the duty stations I was at working in a network center you could actually smoke inside them at your desk. So in my mind "all was well" in the world of smoking. Now, just like everyone else that smokes I was continually told about the health hazards of it and what "could" happen to a person. Trust me when [+]

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Everyone has heard the term "Pay It Forward" and knows what it means. I was reading an article today and it made me think about 2015 and what we can do in order to make a difference... This is the article I was reading: http://www.lostateminor.com/2014/12/09/tattoo-artist-gives-woman-syndrome-tattoos-free-every-week/ As you can see the tattoo artist did not do this for fame or fortune, he did it because it felt like the right thing to do. How many of us as business owners can say the same? How many of us have taken time from our busy schedules and helped others on a continual basis over the past year? Now is the time to think "What can I do to make a difference" in someone else's life.  Take some time to decide on what you are going to do in 2015 to make a difference. Actually put it in [+]

If you are doing any work for a garage that utilizes ROWriter I am sure you have encountered what can happen if your ROWriter program has issues. The main problem with ROWriter is it utilizes SQL for it's database and after time becomes corrupted. I know this first hand because it's been happening over the course of years and each time ROWriter just connects and does their thing and resolves it. The problem of course is if you don't have a solid backup program in place then you could be out of luck. Now of course there are a million and one ways you can do this on your own OR you can utilize a company like ROW Backup. Not really sure how it took me so long to run across this company but they are for lack of a better [+]

Thinking about starting your own web hosting business? Been looking around to see who would be a good company to team with and utilize their reseller services to start out with? Well i'll help you make the decision of why "Hostgator" is NOT the company to go with. About a week ago I realized my reseller account had a problem. It appeared my account was hacked and there were multiple new accounts in my WHM (Web Host Manager) and I new that I had not authorized them or saw any payments come through the system. So then I went to login to my WHMCS (All in one client management..etc) and I could not login to my account. The reason for that was it appeared that they wiped it out of the system completely. So next thing to do is get on the [+]


*2014: Top 5 Antivirus Software* It is not a secret that one of the keys to make your computer work the right way and avoid the risks that come from internet is to have a good antivirus or virus removal software virus removal software to keep your system protected without affecting its functioning. Then, you will see what are the top 5 antivirus according to some reviews made ​​during 2014: *1 Bitdefender: * It is a program that offers advanced protection and superior performance. It is ideal for both novice users and experts on the subject. You will not lose speed; it is easy to use and is an excellent shield to protect your personal information. This program can even detect malware that has not been registered as dangerous. *2 Kaspersky: * It is a software that prevents Trojans, rootkits, worms and other viruses to enter to your computer and cause many problems. [+]


At RepairTech, our core focus is providing techs with a robust toolkit for automating their computer repair process. While we typically try to ensure that the majority of our workday is centered around the development and improvement of our products, we’re consistently challenged with trying to better understand the cunning and silent behemoth that is Search Engine Optimization. This is a challenge facing many modern businesses today, and we know that techs from all over share our SEO struggles. We wanted to help out our fellow techs by sharing some SEO resources we’ve found thus far.

We worked with the San Luis Obispo Small Business Development Center, and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to compile a list of resources that make it easy for IT Professionals to boost [+]

By Chris Calkins Here’s a little secret: Computers aren’t free, or even inexpensive. Getting the maximum lifespan from your computer is a great way to avoid an unnecessary expense. Like most other devices there are many simple things you can do to lessen the likelihood of your computer failing prematurely. 1.      Don’t turn your computer on and off unnecessarily. Some people feel the need to power down several times a day. You don’t have to go weeks without turning off your computer, but frequent heating and cooling cycles can shorten component life. The key here is balance.  Don’t restart too much and don’t leave on too long either.  I turn my off every other day or so the computer can load updates and fix file errors correctly. 2.      Blow out the fan vents regularly. A lot of air moves through those vents, and [+]

Paying Too Much For Web Hosting? Many small business sites only need basic hosting plans and too often they are paying ridiculous rates. I am writing this due to the sheer fact that as a business owner you know you need a web presence. But, the concept of having a website in the first place is to bring you more business, to get your name out there, to help you market your services/products…It is not to pay ridiculous prices just for hosting. Perfect example: I recently met an owner of a non profit that was paying $95 per month for their website hosting. Now they had a basic wordpress website that really required little to no changes on a continual basis. There is no online ordering or any other special features.  For a site like this you should not be paying $95 a [+]

Your computer working slower 5 major reasons to know Computers have simplified our lives. So, if anything goes wrong with the computer we are very much disturbed. One of the major problems with computers is its slow performance. System slowdown is very sore experience for all computer users. You may start experiencing problems like frequent screen freezes, alarming blue screen of death, etc. Computer slow performance is not caused by one single factor but due to a combination of two or more factors- too many programs running in the background, damaged registry, using older versions of operating system, less of RAM and so on. Here, we are going to throw light on five major reasons for the slow performance of your computer and what you can do to fix them. 1.  Too many programs running in the background Most operating systems support multitasking, but that [+]

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Never have been and never will be a fan of online reviews for many reasons. But, no matter what Yelp is the biggest one I have issues with. I have had people stand in my shop and actually do reviews right in person and for some reason they never show up. I know if you read the Yelp terms they have some scientific algorithm in place (or at least they say they do) that does all the work for them. My issue is it's broke....I have basically "1" review showing and it's actually a poor one...Even tho I was allowed to put a reply it still is the only review showing...Now if you really really look you will see the "9 other reviews that are not currently recommended"...What in the world is that suppose to mean to a potential customer? Doe's [+]

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